Renata Tupynamba


Renata Tupynamba - Designer + Photographer + Illustrator

Editorial Photography - Threaded Earth


I'm so excited to share a bit of this editorial!

Threaded Earth is a boho-chic style clothing brand, all inspired by nature.

The pieces have colors and prints that take you straight to the memories of designer Lisa Maree, who extracts inspiration from the places and cultures she has discovered on her travels from the crystalline coasts of Australia to the plains of Africa.

From the moment our paths crossed, my head was already bubbling with ideas for a photo shoot and the result could not be better. We were able to put in the photos the feeling that every clothing and accessory carries.

Because each piece of these is idealized with much love and awareness for you to take home
much more than a dress or a necklace, but an idea of connection and respect with history, cultures and our planet Earth.

So that you have an idea, all the clothes are of natural fabrics and the prints are drawn by hand, and the jewellery is made with natural stones. Even the packaging is organic! Cool isn’t it?


It is to fill the soul with hope and make us rethink our attitude. I have an invitation to make. Come with me to immerse yourself in this natural universe and let yourself be carried away by the freedom that Threaded Earth conveys.