Renata Tupynamba

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Direct yet conceptual. Provocative and engaging. Design, illustration & photography for brands and nice people.



In my journey to admit that my heart always belonged to design, I majored in Law and post grad in Marketing, while being a self taught artist for all my life until finally deciding to formalise my studies in graphic design.

I was born at the sun-kissed groves of South America and moved to Australia in 2011 to finish my post grad when I started working for a cool agency within the education market while running my own photography and design freelance business. Freelancing gave me the opportunity to work with exciting brands producing eye-catching brand content that was also meaningful.

My creative approach is to find a balance between art & strong concepts that can be visually translated to the world while laying storytelling at the heart of my work.

I am currently a designer at WhiteGrey advertising agency (part o the WPP group).